4 april 2010

Valentino and Pearls

Angelica Huston wearing Valentino in the spring of 1972.

Pat Cleveland and UTM from the same magazine.

These images was scanned by me (as images posted here are unless otherwise stated). They are shown for educational purposes.

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  1. hey. i've just realised that you don't have too many comments and followers, which is a shame I think because your blog is one of the best sources for old fahion magazines scans and they are so inspiring. thank you for that.
    greetings B

  2. Aw, thanks! I just started - and I guess I don't say very much on the blog just post pix. It's because I keep saying too much over at thefashionspot :D

  3. Gorgeous photos *-*
    I loved the last one, I adore this kind of dress :D

  4. Hi again! You have an account on thefashionspot? *------------*
    what a dream!
    Can I ask you somethin? Invite me?
    I want so much an account! You don't have idea!
    Sorry to bother :x

  5. your blog is awesome *-*