9 augusti 2010

Something tells me you're the devil's daughter

Images from 1971 starting with a society shot of Anna de Gasperi.

Angelica Huston, yes?

Moss is underrated.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I recognise that first picture ;)
    Love and jealous that you know the names of all these models, you are a treasure trove of fashion knowledge!

  2. who is anna de gasperi if you don't mind me asking? i couldn't find anything on her on the internet ...

    she looks very much like a younger catherine denueve!

  3. Thank you Freya, you'd be scared to know there are some people out there who are downright scary in that respect - skorver of tfs comes to mind :)

    Marie, I have no idea who she is! She just appeared in a really small shot on the pages of an Italian Vogue of 1971. The shot is about 1/10 of the page. I want to know about her as well...