21 september 2010

March Issue 1980 American style

Gia and Eva Voorhis frollicking in the knits of the spring 1980 collections. Gorgeous guy biting Gia's finger whom I would love to know the name of - he was also in a Versace ad around this time.

Patti Hansen was, as far as I understand, the first model for Calvin Klein jeans....and she did it so well. Unfortunately I don't know the photographer for this one so it's not included in the file name as usual.

Janice Dickinson, making breaking up with her photographer boyfriend look beautiful. 1980 may have been her best year - there was a depth to her then, in addition to the eery energy level.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Wow first of all thanks for this beautiful images!! the one from CK is so great, Patti is one of my all time favorite models.

    But looking at this photos don't you think that Janice was the American answer to Gia?? I get that feeling looking both of them, their face expression were very similar

  2. These are definitely the most Gia-looking images of Janice I have ever seen. I think it's the pain of having to shoot images with the man she's breaking up with (Mike Reinhardt) that gives another dimension to these images.

    Janice often has the "alligator smile" - as she calls it herself - but here she looks really under the water.

  3. Yeah ... she looks sweetest than ever and in my opinion much better than usual but I should recognized that I don't like her a lot.

  4. the name of male model with GIA is Alessandro Stepanoff, an italian model during the 80's, and it was also on Versace 1980 campaign with Gia et many more ( Janice, Jerry, patti hansen )


  5. Thank you - he did some wonderful work!