23 december 2010

Eyes stare through the darkness with no form

The kind of forbidding sideways glance that goes so well with a Givenchy coat such as this.

Angelica Huston and Bob Richardson. Lanvin and Feraud are in the credits but it is not clear to me who wears what.

Half-kneeling Angelica Huston on the arm of Wallis Franken. All happening in clear blue Dior.

The sort of perfect yet sensuous photograph that can only have been produced by one photographer. The resonance between the smooth fur lining and her hair, the blending of the dress with the texture of the wall. Not to mention the balance of light and dark. And this work of art that should have a prominent wall dedicated to it in a museum is in fact an unreferenced gem hiding in an old magazine. From what I understand it has drawn very little attention for the last 40 years.

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  1. Really loved this post! i love beauty posts which promote different versions of beauty and this post did just that! it was a lovely written post and good photographs