21 maj 2011

Jumpsuits - not just for fun

In an editorial devoted to Thierry Mugler and Charles Jordan, this image stands out with the undeniably fearsome Mugler jumpsuit, the Charles Jordan sandals and the equally Mugler Guillet sun glasses.

Kerry Warn did the hair for this editorial but what I want to know is who got that crystal on the set. A gorgeous and appropriate prop.

When in doubt, hug a tree. And try do to it wearing a lycra Enrico Coveri swimsuit from 1979.

André Malraux, the art enthusiast and politician - a renaissance man. Here in a shot from 1933.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi! I have to say I love your blog, it has sooo many fab pictures of past and vintage fashion, my favorite!
    I have my blog, very inspired by retro fashion so I was so happy when I found your site.
    Greetings from Chile!!

  2. Thanks Aretha - glad to spread the infatuation these images inspire!

  3. Love your blog and all the fabulous images

  4. Thanks! That's a great blog .... the only thing is that it's not Charles Jordan, but Jourdan....