18 juli 2011

Subtly satanistic

Now that Givenchy has brought satanism back (so much better than sexy, let me tell you), it's time to dig out one more of those ever so subtle satanistic references of yore. In general, it seems that after the Manson ordeal, and the killing of Sharon Tate in particular, satanism was just out. Now it´s clearly back on track, the memory of the gore related to this practice firmly forgotten. Of course the images above, of which it is only the first image that qualifies as subtly satanistic, are really nothing compared to the venom-spouting demons of the latest Givenchy ads.

The slogan for this lovely sweater: "Put your heart in it." And, yeah, if you do, why wear it on your sleeve when you can put it right on your back ready for some pesky backstabbing?

Here, this beautiful back-bearing sweater top by Match II in Durene cotton. Choker by Elyse Stone, Simon creations belt and star by elegant.

Donna Mitchell and her lovely colleague wearing Klopman dresses.

Jane Forth in an early party scene photo shoot by Bill King, here portrayed with make-up artist Jurgen.

And last in this collection of goodies from 1971 comes a pretty little Givenchy number in Abraham silk.

2 kommentarer:

  1. The model with the gorgeous Donna Mitchell is Warhol actress-turned-Vogue-Model Donna Jordan which ties in neatly with Jane Forth being in the photo below!

  2. Thanks a lot, I keep forgetting her name - she is such a great model too...