5 februari 2012

T-straps and lashes

These T-straps are just so enchanting. Bally, of course, some of the best shoe ads the world has ever seen.

An ad for Salon du Pret a Porter....wonderful lashes.

This could very well be Bebe Buell, one of the most promising models of the early 70s. She, instead, devoted her life to punk rock and her daughter, Liv Tyler. She could have been one of the best models, I think, she photographed so well. Anyway, I'm not even 100% it's her in this Wella ad.

One of the few great editorial shots found in this magazines. The coat is by Kay Cosserat.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Yep, that is Bebe Buell for sure! There is a scan of the very same Wella ad on her book "Rebel Heart". Btw, fantastic blog!

  2. T straps look amazing on slim, pretty women! and i think eye make up is incomplete without eyelashes! loved the blog you posted, keep up the good work and take care.