4 september 2011

Holiday in the sun

Bitten Knudsen, the blondest of them all, here on the beach in a bikini. Read the captions and make out who designed it, then let me know.

Gorgeous structural shot of another stunning sun worshipper.

There's nothing like being close to the water. This image really shows the feeling. The dress is Complice by Gianni Versace - I guess right before he established his own brand.

And once you can't go to the beach anymore, like in a week or so by the looks of it, you can try to conjure up this beautiful dream of a tub by Porcher (I guess that's what they're selling, I keep telling myself I should learn French as a fourth language).

1 kommentar:

  1. The bikini is by Georges Rech.
    Blouse by Fernando Martinez for Balenciaga. :*)