2 september 2011

Who is the greatest photographer of them all?

Included in this post are two of the most important in fashion, and in art for that matter if you equate fashion and art the way I do, namely Andy Warhol, who photographed these images, and Diana Vreeland, who is in the last image. The fact that these two lights went out right before the 90s might be why there is so precious little about that decade worth remembering (Vogue Italia excepted of course). The story is by André Leon-Talley.

Being no expert on the Warhol crowd, I can only note that Kim Alexis looks out of place in this crowd. Nonetheless, she graced nearly every page of this editorial.

Kim Alexis and John Sex, the performance artist.

Kim wearing Ralph Lauren.

One part Kim, one part Diana Vreeland.

2 kommentarer:

  1. That picture of Dianna Veerland is amazing, can't believe Andre worked for Vogue It. She does look out of place.

  2. No, it's Vogue Paris. I always have the credits in the file names.