24 oktober 2011

Steel a heel this high

Carrie Nygren, another one of the Swedish models, dressed in a bare red satin halter and black satin harem pants by John Bates, complete with Cartier bangle and topped off by the black patent rouleau Manolo Blahniks of 1977.

Diamond and 18 carat ribbed gold bangle and crescent ring and an evening bag with diamond clasp, all form Kutchinsky. Suede shoes and angle chain from Pinet.

Louis Chiles equipped with a silky black dress checked with gold lurex by Hildebrand.

This lucky lady sports not only jewellery to die for but also a coat that is most delectable. First, then, she carries a diamond and 18 carat gold collar, estimated at £35,000 in 1977 as well as a fantastically cute double hearted diamond and gold ring from Graff (£25,000). All this glittering loveliness aside, it is Fendi's leather bound coral pink sheep skin that sells this for me.

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