3 mars 2012

You drive like a demon

Possibly Veronica Hammel meeting the world armed with a cardigan suit by Charles Cooper. 1968.

Swedish model Maud Adams spending an afternoon in the stream dressed to kill. Boots studded with Navajo silver and blue leather doublet by Sant' Angelo.

Verushka as Queen Christina (Kristina) of Sweden.

Shot by Berry Berenson.

5 kommentarer:

  1. The picture in the stream has always been one of my favourite editorial pictures. I've never seen it credited to Sant'Angelo before. No surprise, it's stunning!

  2. It's just the doublet that is by him. The credit for the photography is in the image name.

  3. The first model smoking looks like Sally Kellerman.
    Lovely pictures especially Maude Adams :)

  4. The first image is actress Paula Prentiss.