25 februari 2011

Explosive is Your Dior

This famous shot by von Wangenheim for the Dior collection of 1977 makes you clamour for that year, doesn't it? Yearn for the days when artistic genius was something that brands boasted about rather than brushed under the rug for fear of disturbing delicate sensibilities.

Just imagine a young von Wangenheim discussing the ideas for the campaign this image comes from with a major brand today. This would be off the table immediately, of course, for "promoting violence".

This could be Jerry Hall because she does appear in the editorial this comes from. Regardless, this is a beautiful lingerie shot.

Geoffrey Beene ad that has one eagerly awaiting summer. This ad is a text book example of the great aspects of the 70s ads. The image is improbably compelling given the nature of the shades. And this despite the fact that large pores are showing by the model's scalp as well as a most uneven fake tan application. The hair is sweaty-looking and the mascara is somewhat clumped. But does it matter? Not one bit. Is this ad better than all ads published so far 2011? Indeed.

The desert - how can something that looks so good feel so bad....Do not plan this nap in the desert for your next excursion.

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  1. Well this is absolutely and fundamentally great.

  2. Beautiful blog and quality content, I love it!

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  3. These round 70s Dior sunglasses! I must have them Lord! :D