12 februari 2011

Let there be Yves

These images are from a retrospective of Yves Saint Laurent made in 1982. Looking at these images, that regrettably stems from a source of decidedly subpar quality, it is easy to see why companies go through such trouble to revive/resuscitate brands created by a genius like YSL. But obviously, once the person is gone so is the soul that put that final, crucially important stamp on everything he did.

First off, a return to the 40s from the collection of 1971.

Center is of course Yves Saint Laurent himself with Brigitte dressed in saharan unisex.

The pink Jean Cocteau tribute alongside a runway shot of Jerry Hall and others, all the 1980 collections.

Catherine Deneuve, 1970.

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  1. I found your blog through Sea of Shoes. Your blog is such a dedication to the art of research and fashion photography! I am going to enjoy reading back through your posts, thank you for such a lovely blog!