20 augusti 2012

And you can feel it if you're one of my kind

Well, that was quite a hiatus...but now I have a few treasured lined up for you guys starting with this issue of French Elle from 1974. First off, a lovely trio with Vibeke, Margarite Ramme and Willy van Rooy, shot by Hans Feurer. Thanks to Willy for disclosing the full cast of this shot! It's amazing to get to hear from the people in these shots - this one in particular since it inspired me to come back from my work-addled blog hiatus and post more!
Vintage street style, at it's best.
Farmer chic.
YSL ad.

3 kommentarer:

  1. In the picture by Hans Feurer, the models are: Vibeke Knudsen, Margarite Ramme and me http://willyvanrooy.com/. You have a very nice blog, like it a lot, Love and Peace

  2. Thank you, Willy! You're fantastic in that picture. Love your work and thank you very much! Do you have that editorial or would you like to have the whole thing?