3 januari 2010

Best covers of 2000-2009

1. Vogue Italia August 2005 - Snejana Onopka by Steven Meisel

The best model and photographer of the decade predictably made the best cover together. Aptly adorned with the tag "Original", this issue is probably the one I most sorely miss in my collection, at least from the 00s. Also, despite what Linda Evangelista once said, August issues are ALWAYS the best.

2. Vogue Italia March 2004 - Lisa Cant by Steven Meisel

A sourceress of fashion. Perfect composition, subliminal messages (the stones in the background read love, dream, inspire).

3. Vogue Italia May 2006 - Heather Bratton by Steven Meisel

Heather Bratton had two covers for Italian Vogue before her tragic death later in the year. This cover, curled up dreading summer with a glum look on her face, really sums up the glam-goth vibe in a less predictable way than say, Burbridge's nonetheless lovely i-D Horror cover, featuring Snejana Onopka.

4. Vogue Paris September 2008 - Anna S by Mert and Marcus

This pair of photographers are responsible for some of the best fashion photography of the previous decade, as all fashion photography enthusiasts know, but this is the peak of their talent to me. The stern constricted pupil gaze and slightly pursed lips. The purple and blue contrast. Color wise, perhaps the best one of the decade.

5. Vogue Paris April 2007 - Lara Stone by Terry Richardson

As the mid 00s wore on, the skinny chic had reached such proportions there would have to be a change. That change came in the form of Lara Stone as the whistle blower. This cover was the moment that the tide turned toward another figure than the size 0 standard.

6. i-D June 2006 - Snejana Onopka by Richard Burbridge

The F/W collections were topped, by many people's accounts, by the PaP Dior collection - where the glam-goth rocker ruled the day. The magazine that best saw through that beautiful runway moment was i-D who fearlessly brought out the real zombie in the form of Snejana just in time for the summer issues - it's all about looking fresh for summer!

7. Vogue Paris December/January 2001/2 - Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Kate Moss may have most of her best covers in the 90s, but she had a lot of them in the 00s too and this model as a christmas tree cum Egyptian goddess takes the prize.

8. Numero November 2009 - Toni Garn by Greg Kadel

Much to my surprise, at the end of the decade came one of the most magical covers I've seen from Numero. Though the magazine has produced many fine covers (Rianne as Mick Jagger for instance), this one with its pure beauty is the very best one in my opinion. The silky, fine hair, wide open gaze, sensuous lips could have been so boring, if it had not been for that dark brooding mood that comes with the apparent lack of a neck. It's so clean and yet emotional, photoshop at its best.

9. Citizen K Fall/Winter 2001/2 - Hannelore Knuts by Mark Alesky

This was the first fashion magazine that I bought. Club kid meets the 60s and goes to Russia. The hat and Hannelore's demeanor speak for themselves I should think.

10. Italian Vogue May 2001 - Amanda Moore by Steven Meisel

When the decade was a mere babe, there was a creature called Amanda Moore who snazzed up many editorials and this cover. For some reason she didn't really stick around in the modeling business. As for edge and attitude, only Lara Stone can compete.

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