11 februari 2010

That all important Shrimpton head tilt

The 60s, pervaded by hippie models like Pattie Boyd, amazons like Verushka, waifs like Twiggy, oddities like Penelope Tree, exotics like Peggy Moffit. A true smorgosbord of diverse moods - but the first one, to bring a dramatically different mood was, of course, Jean Shrimpton, who came around in a time of absolutely perfect creatures (Dovima and Suzy Parker come to mind) with her deep blue eyes, sort of stubby nose and rather approachable look.

Jean in 1962, perhaps photographed one of the first times by David Bailey, with a distinct deer in the headlights aspect.

Jaded, cool and endowed with an incomparable head tilt, Jean is photographed by her now ex-partner Bailey surrounded by their previous, intense, sincere work. 1968.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I love Jean Shrimpton, she has one of the freshes faces of all time. Very quirky beauty. I love those vintage shots, some of them are really beautiful and hard to find.

  2. " sort of stubby nose ", so true but she handle it and she remained one of the very most beautiful models of all time !

  3. Yes - sometimes the weakness is the strength!

  4. ooh I was just looking at photos of Jean Shrimpton the other day. She's amazing.