20 februari 2010

What do you get if you combine Garbo, a sensible early 70s schoolgirl and a Ramone?

Why, the Marc Jacobs F/W 2010/11 collection of course - the most interesting collection from New York this season (as most).

This was the archetype of the collection: Subtle grey/purple hues, matching exquisitely with the light pink lipstick and the shading of the glasses. An outfit that looks very cozy, which I could coil up in it right now. The medium-matte hair that blends with the stringy collar. The bulky knit, akin to the stuff of 70s Burda magazine, and the contrasting elegant pants, something right out of a 30s movie with Garbo or Dietrich. The outfit is wonderful.

The second most grasping outfit also had that color scheme where grey goes into blue. Rustique, but executed in a romantic way, with a soft hint to the patterns that matches the fabrics. At the outset, the patterns of the top and the skirt should not be combined, but because of the delicate symmetry in the execution of the prints, it miraculously works. Disharmony turns into harmony.

And then, of course, those hairy handbags and those shiny beautiful boots.

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