22 januari 2015

Considering selling my collection

Dear all, as the years have gone by I have realized that I may not come back to my interest in fashion photography. Therefore I am now considering selling my collection of about 2,000 magazines ranging from the 50s to the 00s. Drop a line if you are interested in purchasing. The magazines are located in Stockholm, Sweden and a specification of exactly which issues I have is available upon request.

31 augusti 2013


Dear all, I am currently on a hiatus as I'm at a crucial point in my career and have little to no free time. I do hope I will be back here before too long once I have landed a position to my liking.

1 oktober 2012

Golden is as golden does

Jerry Hall in 1976 for British Harper's Bazaar.
Jerry and Marie Helvin.
Yves Saint Laurent Rive gauche from the spring 1977 collection.

7 september 2012

That 60s mood you cannot recreate

Yes, there is something about those early-to-mid 60s editorials. Some dewy fresh promise of things to come, an innocence and playful nature that we cannot seem to recreate. What gives this first model that wistful, sad yet powerful look. How does she do it? By the help of the photographer who remains, sadly, unidentified... A lovely editorial from French Elle 1963. Starting with some Dior.

31 augusti 2012

Antonio's girls indeed

One of the best Interview covers of all time was released in August 1973, the theme was mostly Antonio Lopez, the illustrator, and his girls....On the cover, though, is Uschi Obermeier.
And the girls then - some big names such as Jessica Lange and Grace Jones, his own discoveries. Another one is "Lisette" whom I think is really Lizette Kazan, later to become an important fashion director. And then, a rare shot of Pola.
An amorous shot - Lou Reed, Mick Jagger and David Bowie.
A beautiful, simple shot of the fashion designer Adrian's grave.

28 augusti 2012

A finger on the pulse

A formidable shot of Wilhelmina from 1964.
A Nina Ricci ad.
Unknown ad.
Audrey Hepburn shrinking away in her Givenchy couture.

27 augusti 2012

She's in control again

Feast your eyes on a young Grace Jones at the beginning of her brief modeling career, here for La Perla. Grace gave an interview for the Telegraph not long ago:

"When Christian clashed with his parents, Grace took his side and began the rebellion that she turned into a career. She fell in love with the wild side of New York. She went on the road with Hell's Angels and took acid. She began modelling and her first experiment in cross-dressing came during a catalogue shoot for La Perla.

It wasn't planned: the male models got sunburned and broad-shouldered Grace stepped in. "You'd definitely think I was a man in those shots!" she tells me. At one point she shared a flat in Paris with Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange."

Then, in a completely different style except for the stripes, a Parisini ad:
A Shiseido ad.
An editorial shot.

26 augusti 2012

I wish they all could be Lui covers

Les filles de Californie is the theme of this issue...and who is to complain about a cover like this?
An editorial shot.
Could this be Anita Pallenberg? It looks so much like her...
A B/W shot of Brigitte Bardot

25 augusti 2012

Cloak and dagger, french style

The first three images come from an issue of French Elle 1964...the editorial is called "Cine-Noir".

23 augusti 2012

If you love rich things

In this fall issue of American Harper's Bazaar from 1970 we find one of the most delectable ads for Yuban.
A feature of His Bazaar was also included in this issue. Well, what to say.
An ad for Countess Jocelyn.
A shot by Toscani.

20 augusti 2012

And you can feel it if you're one of my kind

Well, that was quite a hiatus...but now I have a few treasured lined up for you guys starting with this issue of French Elle from 1974. First off, a lovely trio with Vibeke, Margarite Ramme and Willy van Rooy, shot by Hans Feurer. Thanks to Willy for disclosing the full cast of this shot! It's amazing to get to hear from the people in these shots - this one in particular since it inspired me to come back from my work-addled blog hiatus and post more!
Vintage street style, at it's best.
Farmer chic.
YSL ad.

8 mars 2012

Time of the season

This image is the absolute gem in a gem of a magazine - the September issue of Vogue Paris 1966. It shows a bright blue Cardin jacket, but what impresses me most is the modern vibe. Thank you, David Bailey, for existing.

Another Cardin, here depicted in such harsh resolution you can barely make out the rough outlines of the dress. A beautiful photograph it is though, taken by Peter Knapp. It's interesting that, despite fairly detailed shots as the one above, they still published great images like this one which really doesn't tell you much about the features of the dress. But what's more important, it gives you an immediate feel for its purpose.

A revillon ad.

Wilhelmina in black diamond mink. A rather horribly retouched image, but she looks possessed as always.

3 mars 2012

You drive like a demon

Possibly Veronica Hammel meeting the world armed with a cardigan suit by Charles Cooper. 1968.

Swedish model Maud Adams spending an afternoon in the stream dressed to kill. Boots studded with Navajo silver and blue leather doublet by Sant' Angelo.

Verushka as Queen Christina (Kristina) of Sweden.

Shot by Berry Berenson.

26 februari 2012

Shiver and say the words

Carre Otis, hair casually over face, with a wonderful shade of Dior lipstick, and prepped by Kevyn Aucoin.

An UTM model dressed in a Norma Kamali dress, that is no doubt lovely, but overshadowed by a feathery, embroidered loveliness in the form of a horse jacket made by Bob Mackie.

A Bally ad again, so tremendous.

A Yohji Yamamoto ad of great beauty.