19 mars 2011

Dance the ghost

In the editorial from 1973 that this image stems from, Grace Coddington makes a beautiful appearance as a model. She is wearing a wrap Jean Muir dress in a hotel room at the Savoy.

Marbles as a scarf by Marbles, leather gloves by Bill Gibb and a lovely lighter by Zippo.

Furred and laced black ankle leather boots by Moya Bowler and black fleur-de-lys tights.

An example of a 70s worker's lunch.

12 mars 2011

1963: A watershed year in fashion photography

1963, the year all these images come from, is in many ways a watershed year in fashion photography. Some of the first more modern looking images come from that year, and not only those produced by the brits. To put it simply, the images and the clothes started to loosen up significantly.

A hyperfocused stare in a beauty ad.

Snejana look-alike in chinchilla scarf by Ben Kahn.

Sweater dress by David Crystal, scarf by Vera.

Clogs galore with the best that Bonwit Teller had to offer from Gus Mayer, Joseph Magnin and Herbert Levine.