25 december 2009

Most prized Christmas gifts

This year's mot prized Christmas gifts - a new baby kitty for the family and a collage of my punk rock baby self that my sister made years ago.

Light and Dark - the faces of Gia

Gia for Dior Spring/Summer 1980. I played a little with photoshop to bring out the underlying emotions in her images...

De där medicinögonen som ingen mor vill se
Med underlivets alla drifter och människans alla fel
Behöver all din kärlek är det enda som de tål
Hahaha, jag minns inget från igår

21 december 2009

Mugler 1980

Thierry Mugler ads from an issue of Vogue Paris Spring 1980.

Serge Lutens from the 70s

Serge Lutens made the wonderful Dior make-up ads from around 1974 to 1981. He is a make-up artist, perfumer and photographer. These are from the mid 70s.

20 december 2009

Iman for Yves Saint Laurent

Advertisement in 1980.

Beauty worshipping

The greatest art of the late 20th century was fashion photography. As art became transformed into merely conceptualism, beauty worship lived on the relatively free form of beauty advertisement.

The golden age of fashion photography is generally thought to be the 50s. In my opinion, however, it is rather the 1970s that was the peak of this artistic movement. The very embodiment of this phenomenon was Gia Carangi - fashion model who died of AIDS at 26 - shown above in a photograph by Francesco Scavullo.