16 juni 2011

You hit me with a flower

A small sample from a Bridal fashion photography book printed in 1984.

A sad bride.

Diana, princess of Wales, not much is better than her whole ensemble.

Grace Coddington in the early 60s.

Vicky says yes to this little dress

The little dress is made of Terylene and is the design of Bernard Freres. I really wish that there was something that could hold the structure of Terylene but not soak up sweat the way it does.

Moon printed dress by Jane&Jane.

Easily one of the best fashion photographs of the 60s - the model's empty stare, deep in thought, clasping an abused library copy of Wood's Illustrated Natural History and a microscope to her chest.

Gracy Coddington, one of the best models of the 60s, biting her lip, adorned by a cap by Simone Mirman.

8 juni 2011

I'll be the parcel if you'll be my sorter

Gia on one of those rare (and all too brief) fashion shoots when her James Deam quality was tangible. Bracelets by Robert Lee Morris.

Necklace by Cara Croninger.

Possibly one of the last Dior ads shot by Chris von Wangenheim.

The pirate look of 1981.