30 oktober 2011

As fresh as the bright blue sky

Donna Mitchell at her best - curled up in a sweater pinching a guy's ear. For Clairol in 1972.

Jewelry by Napier.

Actress Tina Aumont in couture Nina Ricci.

Angelica Huston, here snapped by von Wangenheim, sporting a John Anthony coat, Morris Moskowitz clutch and a wonderous Uncle Sam umbrella.

24 oktober 2011

Steel a heel this high

Carrie Nygren, another one of the Swedish models, dressed in a bare red satin halter and black satin harem pants by John Bates, complete with Cartier bangle and topped off by the black patent rouleau Manolo Blahniks of 1977.

Diamond and 18 carat ribbed gold bangle and crescent ring and an evening bag with diamond clasp, all form Kutchinsky. Suede shoes and angle chain from Pinet.

Louis Chiles equipped with a silky black dress checked with gold lurex by Hildebrand.

This lucky lady sports not only jewellery to die for but also a coat that is most delectable. First, then, she carries a diamond and 18 carat gold collar, estimated at £35,000 in 1977 as well as a fantastically cute double hearted diamond and gold ring from Graff (£25,000). All this glittering loveliness aside, it is Fendi's leather bound coral pink sheep skin that sells this for me.

22 oktober 2011

21 oktober 2011

A bathroom with a view

This was a great find in a Marie Claire from 1973 - an editorial I'd never seen by Helmut Newton featuring one of his favourite models of that year - Gunilla Lindblad. It seems to be related to a PR story for Cacharel if you read the captions and credits. Incidentally, it's also the most beautiful bathroom ever.

Another surprise was finding an editorial by Sackman - he has several wonderful shots in this issue of Marie Claire and I can't really remember much of his work elsewhere.

19 oktober 2011

Thought of you as my mountain top

Lovely illustration of Halston by Antonio Lopez which captures the intensity of Halston's gaze. Before Tom Ford's ascent on Gucci in the 90s, there seemed to be little left of the Halston influence on fashion. Of course the man himself died in 1990, but someone once so influential - well you could say that he was the man who made American fashion relevant - it was surprising to see his influence so entirely depleted. Now, in my opinion, the Tom Ford version of Halston does not feature the best of it - that casual, carefree yet preppy look.

This month it is about 27 years ago since Halston was kicked out from the Olympic Towers by the corporate managers. He could no longer design under his own name. In fact, he never did.

Marisa Berenson dressed in Cream of Quorum chiffon at the set of Barry Lyndon. The year after this photo was shot, Tatum O'Neal (at her side) became the youngest ever Academy Award winner.

Angelica Huston in a Yves Saint Laurent fur.

The actress Zouzou la Twisteuse in 1963 in the lap of Greek composer Michaelis Maniatis.

15 oktober 2011

Always keep your Mick handy

It certainly looks like the inimitable Apple - Appolonia - in this editorial by an unspecified photographer. Mick Jagger as he was featured in Performance looming in the background.

Antonio Lopez and some lovely Ladies who are both dressed in Cardin (if I interpret the captions correctly).

Gunilla Lindberg, the Swedish model who was active especially around 1969-1973.

Running away from it all (dressed in Feraud and Lanvin).

10 oktober 2011

The devil wears Jantzen

The exhibitionist frock that goes along with the Jantzen product.

Unfortunately unidentified outfit in the Paris collections of 1964.

Cardin dress worn by Hiroko.

A tender image of the innocent Jean Shrimpton "wrapped in a flowered cloud" in the form of a dress by Yves Saint Laurent.

8 oktober 2011

Perfectly sweet

Gorgeous cover of Marie Claire, 1968, featuring a beautiful dress by Jean Patou. This is another side of the 60s than we saw on the runways over the last few weeks - that strict, preppy yet suffering kind of look.

Another deer-in-the-headlights stare.

I believe it's Patou, Dior, Cardin and Ricci.

A most lovely Perrier ad.

6 oktober 2011

An exhibition of sheer precision

So vulgar and so precise - 70s Yoshida stuff. Fits like a glove, this one does.

The beauty that is this Azzaro ad.

This ad for Olana featuring Sonia Rykiel outfit.

I think one of the models is in the Rykiel shot above - this is a Franck Olivier ad.

3 oktober 2011

Shut up and sleep with me

Donna Mitchell with a very sleepy come hither look in her eyes.

Delectable Givenchy lipstick ad.

Hansen ad.

"Girls of a feather flock together to wear Hummingbird."