22 september 2011

Kickstart my heart...

...for this editorial hiding in a French Elle from 1960 nearly floored me. All you need is black and white.

7 september 2011

They're made of lipstick, plastic and paint

Outfit by Betsey Johnson and shoes by Kurt Geiger.

Twiggy and this other model I'd like to know the name of, apparently all dressed in Betsey Johnson. (Sorry about the scan quality).

Absolutely no idea about where these shades come from but they are finger licking good.

From a little feature called Shophound comes this little image with the Catalina bathing suit.

6 september 2011

Helen launched a thousand ships...

In 1965 the ad for Coty's perfume L'Aimant proudly pronounced "Helen launched a thousant ships....L'Aimant will do the same for you". Not a bad bargain, now if one could just get that make-up on along with a few puffs of L'Aimant every morning...

Lipshimmer from Goya had the back cover on this issue. Pale lips look good at times, don't they?

Orlon dress by Susan Small. Corocraft ear rings. Sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith. Can't ask for more...

As summer kisses us goodbye, take a good look at the strawberries...

4 september 2011

Holiday in the sun

Bitten Knudsen, the blondest of them all, here on the beach in a bikini. Read the captions and make out who designed it, then let me know.

Gorgeous structural shot of another stunning sun worshipper.

There's nothing like being close to the water. This image really shows the feeling. The dress is Complice by Gianni Versace - I guess right before he established his own brand.

And once you can't go to the beach anymore, like in a week or so by the looks of it, you can try to conjure up this beautiful dream of a tub by Porcher (I guess that's what they're selling, I keep telling myself I should learn French as a fourth language).

2 september 2011

Who is the greatest photographer of them all?

Included in this post are two of the most important in fashion, and in art for that matter if you equate fashion and art the way I do, namely Andy Warhol, who photographed these images, and Diana Vreeland, who is in the last image. The fact that these two lights went out right before the 90s might be why there is so precious little about that decade worth remembering (Vogue Italia excepted of course). The story is by André Leon-Talley.

Being no expert on the Warhol crowd, I can only note that Kim Alexis looks out of place in this crowd. Nonetheless, she graced nearly every page of this editorial.

Kim Alexis and John Sex, the performance artist.

Kim wearing Ralph Lauren.

One part Kim, one part Diana Vreeland.

1 september 2011

Not even in your wildest dreams....

....could you conceive of anything like this. The butch biker school girl. Impeccable Kansai Yamamoto look on the runway in 1980.

Former graphics designer Michaele Pollock made this outfit together with Nancy Pollock - just stunning.

Jerry Hall in Versace with a bunch of guys at her feet.

A shot from the same mag but in fact from 1974, by Serge Lutens, it's a take-out from a Dior perfume shoot.