31 december 2011

Lily pads and Grès

This ad did not run long enough, judging by the selection of magazines from 1977 that I have managed to get my hands on, to become a classic in the general sense, but to me it certainly is. The perfect bottle of Grès replacing the flower of the lily is simple but ingenious.

A less frequently featured image by Guy Bourdin.

Janice Dickinson in a tripple skirt by Basile.

Jerry Hall for Pinault.

27 december 2011

Walk away in silence

Walter Albini's ads from the 70s appeared mostly in Italian publications and they were amazing. This one, however, is from Vogue Paris from 1977. The incredible colors and the daring nature of the ad - to have an ad for fashion where the garment itself can barely be seen - is very impressive.

One of those very early Gianni Versace ads - also, like the Albini ad above, with the theme of escape. Getting away from it all, even from the shoot, or the ad itself.

An YSL illustration.

On the go b/w Ducrot ad.

18 december 2011


Delicious indeed is this cover from December 1978 of British Vogue, shot by Alex Chatelain and featuring Kim Alexis in full on Yves Saint Laurent.

The ravishing Miss Dickinson wearing Krizia gear.

Some very convincing Dunhill ad.

A shot of Kim Alexis.

11 december 2011

Say it with a straw

Lycra ad outtake from 1974.

Lovely dress.

Beauty shot.

Keep your head cool.

4 december 2011

Charles Jourdan shines a light

A classic, if perhaps lesser known, Charles Jourdan ad.

Can a table get much greener?

A black vinyl and cotton embroidery dress by Courréges.

All hugs for Yves Saint Laurent.

27 november 2011

Verushka in furs

In the early 60s (I believe) Vera von Lehndorf was discovered by none other than Miss Dorian Leigh, one of the most legendary models of all time, as Dorian had traveled to sample Vera's mother's famous cookies. Here, Verushka is featured in a rare photoshoot from 1975, toward the end of her modeling career swathed in luscious Italian furs.

Patti Hansen did some of her first notable work for Glamour in 1972/3. Though very successful, her career stalled because of her image as a fresh faced teen. To overcome this, she went on a trip to Europe where she was dressed up as a vampire, vamp, corpse, whathaveyou in the European magazines. Here is a fine example of one of the last covers and editorials before her return to America to become the most sought after model of 1976-1978.

Mila Schön ad that speaks for itself.

22 november 2011

Angelica Huston as Miss Dior

Angelica Huston as Miss Dior in this editorial by Bob Richardson.

Jewellery by van Cleef and Arpel

Leonard ad featuring, if I read the ad correctly, a dress from the "Geisha" collection. Astonishing considering the Egypt setting.

Palao ad.

12 november 2011

Of Goldfish and Ghosts

In this issue of VP stemming from May 1977, we're offered this stunning image featuring, I am quite sure, I most lavishly expensive lipstick and a goldfish. Shot by the inimitable master Bourdin.

Janice Dickinson on the town at the peak of her success.

As today is the day that winter has mercilessly grabbed hold of the country I live, nothing can be more heart warming than an image of the most luscious spring day.

This Dior dress gets some treatment in this editorial. It's ethereal qualities are brought out. It doesn't happen much these days.

5 november 2011

Who's that lounging in my furry chair

Why, Grace Coddington of course...here in a skirt by Suedecraft and belt from Gucci.

Grace adorned with a beret from Otto Lucas, handbag from Letizia and apricot lipstick by Dior.

The best stockings ever - black and white nobbly stocking from Adler and the snowflake stockings.

Dazzling yet simple color composition of this cigar for ladies ad. Dress by Jean Allen.

30 oktober 2011

As fresh as the bright blue sky

Donna Mitchell at her best - curled up in a sweater pinching a guy's ear. For Clairol in 1972.

Jewelry by Napier.

Actress Tina Aumont in couture Nina Ricci.

Angelica Huston, here snapped by von Wangenheim, sporting a John Anthony coat, Morris Moskowitz clutch and a wonderous Uncle Sam umbrella.

24 oktober 2011

Steel a heel this high

Carrie Nygren, another one of the Swedish models, dressed in a bare red satin halter and black satin harem pants by John Bates, complete with Cartier bangle and topped off by the black patent rouleau Manolo Blahniks of 1977.

Diamond and 18 carat ribbed gold bangle and crescent ring and an evening bag with diamond clasp, all form Kutchinsky. Suede shoes and angle chain from Pinet.

Louis Chiles equipped with a silky black dress checked with gold lurex by Hildebrand.

This lucky lady sports not only jewellery to die for but also a coat that is most delectable. First, then, she carries a diamond and 18 carat gold collar, estimated at £35,000 in 1977 as well as a fantastically cute double hearted diamond and gold ring from Graff (£25,000). All this glittering loveliness aside, it is Fendi's leather bound coral pink sheep skin that sells this for me.

22 oktober 2011