26 april 2011

1972: Hybrid dressing

A refreshing bicolor halter culotte by Irene Galitzine from the fall of 1972. Perhaps this dress symbolizes this year in fashion - still with fragments of the most frivolous period in recent fashion history (the late 60s) but approaching the harder take-charge image right around the corner.

This yellow orgy is a stark contrast to the sleek elegance of the Galitzini dress. Instead it has the hallmark style of the progressive earth mother style that was quite common in the early to mid 70s. Quoting from the caption of the image: "You can do anything you want with the yellows now, but you can never ignore them again."

Again, this ensemble shows a play on contrasts, namely the strong geometric pattern that goes well together with the lingon berry like necklace.

Delectable thread ad.

16 april 2011

Some moments are pure gold

Search and ye shall find - a little golden pack of cigarettes in this image - the picture of tranquil bliss and perfection. Not a common theme in cigarette ads - but they say it's a special filter...

This ad for beauteous shoes is entitled "Leather on a Roman holiday" - sounds good doesn't it?

Gorgeous bag of unknown origin.

Ing-Marie Lamyn in an outfit I think is by Jane Cattlin.

9 april 2011