30 september 2010

Visited only by moonlight

Sarah Moon's beautiful study of Louise de la Valliére, the Sun King's mistress, of whom it was said that she should be visited only by moonlight - and in this image it looks like even that was too much. This is one of the rare occasions when I don't think there is any description of what the model in question is wearing. Like all the images in this post it stems from December 1981.

Jerry Hall was the face for YSL's Opium for a number of years. Possibly, the first one came out in 1977.

Halston fragrance.

Rosemary McGrotha showing us all how to best devour shellfish.

28 september 2010

Pastels are forever

As many of you have probably observed 1970-1972 currently holds a special place in my heart. Fashion photography from that year is a gift that keeps on giving.

The most gorgeous pastels....of course blue hair was a thing of last spring, nonetheless this is a particularly attractive version of it.

Japanese influence - here Hiroko a beautiful Hanae Mori dress.

Design by Nettie Vogues.

Ubergorgeous graphic designer Philippe Royer.

Very rustique Mary Quant ad.

25 september 2010

The days of Walter Albini

The images below are from 1971 and the first two represent the vision of spring from Walter Albini. Before I looked in this magazine earlier in the year I hadn't even heard of the man. It turns out he is a complete and utter genius - the extent of this I will probably learn from reading Maria Luisa Frisa and Stefano Tonchi's book Walter Albini and his times.

21 september 2010

March Issue 1980 American style

Gia and Eva Voorhis frollicking in the knits of the spring 1980 collections. Gorgeous guy biting Gia's finger whom I would love to know the name of - he was also in a Versace ad around this time.

Patti Hansen was, as far as I understand, the first model for Calvin Klein jeans....and she did it so well. Unfortunately I don't know the photographer for this one so it's not included in the file name as usual.

Janice Dickinson, making breaking up with her photographer boyfriend look beautiful. 1980 may have been her best year - there was a depth to her then, in addition to the eery energy level.

19 september 2010

A love poem written in invisible ink

When Bazaar suggested what a woman might want for Christmas in the December issue of 1970 their suggestion was "A crystal ball. A love poem written in invisible ink. A year's supply in postage stamps." The late 60s and early 70s Bazaar held some of the most entertaining fashion adivice imaginable - possibly a homage to former editor in chief Diana Vreeland.

Donna Mitchell by Chris von Wangenheim.

Sophia Loren by von Wangenheim.

Silver baloons, nutty prints....how the people working on these images pulled things like this off - and moreover made unforgettable history with their images is a mystery in itself.

Two young starlets I unfortunately did not note the names of shot by von Wangenheim.

18 september 2010

The death of the 60s

As most people know, the end of the 60s were dark. Rockstars died, bestial serial killers got away with it - and, yes, the flirtation with satanism also pervaded the pages of fashion magazines.

Here, in one of the most compelling fashion proper editorials of 1968.

Donna Mitchell with uncommonly dry hair in an ad for Bristows.

Moyra Swan in frills from top to toe.

15 september 2010

Maybe it's our kookiness

A couple of ads from an Interview from 1979.

That wonderful superman Krizia ad.

Probably the loveliest belt ever right there in the middle - looks a lot like a necklace shown in Vogue May 1980 (Gia/Scavullo).

Vintage vintage - onyx and diamond bracelet from the 1930s accompanied by the most gorgeous pin.

14 september 2010

The magick is in the feeling

A couple of images displaying that wonderful mood on the eve of the dawn of the 70s. The insanity of the 60s was still not quite gone - and indeed, as the first image shows, the traces of psychedelia lingered for another few months into the new decade.

It's common knowledge that plenty of the 60s icons perished, many in the first few years of the 70s. Talitha Getty for instance.

12 september 2010

Spinning ceaselessly

Krizia ad from 1971.

Borghese ad...

First really lovely Missoni ad I have seen. Featuring Angelica Huston.