23 mars 2010

Come on, you know you want to...

Put your fot in it, let your hair down and get some silken legs.

All shot by von Wangenheim in 1977.

21 mars 2010

15 mars 2010

Hang on to your marbles

How come the vintage jewelery often looks like the stuff you'd sell your soul for?

Stones fighting for attention on the hands of some lucky lady in 1960.



12 mars 2010

5 mars 2010

Seasons don't fear the reaper

Selected parts of Elbaz' Lanvin Collection for F/W 2010. Courtesy of the fashionspot.

Inspiration from, perhaps Angelica Huston, whom in 1974 did not seem to fear the cinematic reaper Jack Nicholson...

4 mars 2010

Hypnotizing the silence with her powers

Marianne Faithfull setting the mood in 1965.

From the same magazine - Wilhelmina Cooper - who passed away 30 years ago Monday this week.