25 augusti 2011

Newton's machine

Actress Zou Zou in all Yves Saint Laurent and hair by Didier, photographed ny Newton's machine, a machine Helmut Newton designed in order to "eliminate the superfluous personality, the photographer".

A whole lotta Pucci.

Glo ahead. Apparently, the world's most sought after model Anja Rubik is an incarnation of this model from 1973. What do you know?

Party scenes of the 1970s are the best.

13 augusti 2011

Before there was Photoshop...

...there was still retouching. And sometimes, it went very wrong. Take, for instance, this merry vacation in Venezuela editorial published in 1976. The otherwise excellent photographer Barbieri has participated in a lengthy atrocity featuring sharks, snakes, flying orchids and what have you. A sorry sight, with one redeeming quality, namely the image beneath this lamenting paragraph, gorgeous with a plastic mask, despite the presence of the crocodile.

What to say...

Valditevere ad.

Lovely, peaceful, YSL ad.