26 april 2010

Françoise Hardy is a pre-punk rocker

Looking like a real Ramone, Françoise Hardy was photographed by Helmut Newton in 1963 in a lengthy editorial featuring this photo among others.

A very catty Elizabeth Arden ad from the same magazine (the source of all images in this post). Not sure who the owner of the patrician nose is.

This is Suzy Parker, right? The perfect hour glass figure says so.

Egyptian the 60s way, not a bad combo. I should know who this is, but I don't...


4 april 2010

Valentino and Pearls

Angelica Huston wearing Valentino in the spring of 1972.

Pat Cleveland and UTM from the same magazine.

These images was scanned by me (as images posted here are unless otherwise stated). They are shown for educational purposes.